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Hmmmmm UPDATED: Gannett reporter offers lame defense on Twitter.

by Jerry Bader

Governor Walker toured the state Tuesday announcing is re-election bid. That included a stop in the Wausau area. But you wouldn't know that by today's front page of the Wausau Daily Herald. The paper runs front page, top fold, side by side stories on Walker's announcement and Democrat Mary Burke's response during a stop she made in the Wausau area.

But the Walker story is one that appears in Gannett newspapers around the state. It's not about Walker's stop in Central Wisconsin. It's a story about a campaign stop in Green Bay. Listeners tell me the locations of the Wausau area stops for Walker and Burke are a few miles apart. Yet they couldn't spare a reporter to cover a local event by an incumbent governor seeking re-election?

This makes sense for Gannett papers in markets where Walker didn't visit. But he did visit Central Wisconsin. Could be bias. Could be good old-fashioned laziness. Could be a combination of the two.

UPDATE: Seconds after tweeting this blog post out, Nick Penzenstadler of the Appleton Post Crescent tweeted this defense: