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Grothman is in...

by Jerry Bader

State Senator Glenn Grothman announced on my show this morning that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 6th Congressional District. If incumbent Tom Petri runs, which is widely expected, this will set up a primary with Grothman running to Petri's right. Another state lawmaker, Representative Duey Strobel is also considering a run to Petri's right. He said he'll announce his decision on Monday.

Grothman told me on the air today, as he has said previously, that he's hearing dissatisfaction with Petri around the 6th CD. The left is salivating at the prospect of a Grothman run. Glenn isn't afraid to say what's on his mind, and there are even some conservatives who believe his candor has led to gaffes. Don't expect Grothman to change his style and he also is unintimidated by the prospect of an incumbent who will likely have the support of the party establishment.

He believes that the conservative base is disillusioned with the establishment and doesn't think that support is a strength for Petri. We'll see. But a typically safe incumbent such as Petri getting one and maybe two challengers is nearly a seismic shift in Wisconsin politics and will be interesting to watch.