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Get to Know this Woman, the Real Marissa Alexander

by Jerry Bader

She's about to become the poster child for "Stand Your Ground."  In fact, she's the reason the left is trying to make the Zimmerman acquittal about "Stand Your Ground," even though it has nothing to do with that Florida law. The narrative is simple: Alexander Black, 20 years in prison; Zimmerman not black, he walks. Simple and as phony as a three dollar bill.

George Zimmerman did not use the "Stand Your Ground" defense and a one paragraph mention of SYG in jury instructions doesn't change that. Alexander's story is far more complex than the left is painting it. Further, the post linked above makes a great point; the truly unjust law at play in the Alexander case is the obscene mandatory 10-20 gun control law. But that's the last thing the left and the MSM media wants to hear.