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Get Ready for "PunditFact"

by Jerry Bader

From the folks who brought you Politifraud (Politifact),here comes PunditFact. Actually, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's version of Politijoke has already been evaluating the statements of radio talkers and other pundits. Now, The Tampa Bay Times will have a separate product for "talking heads." 

Allegedly this effort will evaluate statements by pundits presented as fact, not opinion. Here's a few hunches.

  • Rush Limbaugh will be  featured more often than any other pundit, followed by Sean Hannity and Mark Levin
  • Statements that are really opinion from the above three will often be evaluated as if they are statements of fact and then "proven false."
  • No statements by conservative talk show hosts will be rated true.
  • Few, if any, statements by liberal pundits will be rated as false.
One more: the "evidence" proving statements false will often be opinion, just as it is now with Politislant.
And I'm guessing the J-S will jump on board with a "PunditFact" of its own, just as it did with Politiconservativesalwayslie.