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Forget Dog People Vs. Cat People; It's Runners Vs. Cyclists

by Jerry Bader

This caught my attention because I'm a jogger , again. I was an avid jogger 25 years ago. I was obsessed, actually. Then came an injury, kids and weight gain and goodbye jogging. Not that I've dropped quite a bit of weight, I'm jogging again. And yes, at my local rec trail I've sensed the tension between bicycles and bipeds.

I have no issue sharing the trail with bikes. People who run a lot faster than I do tend to show attitude to the cyclists. And some riders do tend to enjoy blowing past us on two feet. For me, my biggest beef is with the kid that walks his black dog on pavement on 85-90 degree days.

Photo credit: By Linda Bartlett (Photographer) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons