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Drudge Tweet Unleashes the Unhinged left

by Jerry Bader

News aggregator Matt Drudge tweeted that he had paid the Obamacare penalty for 2014, calling it a "Liberty Tax.." I get what he means by that, but being forced to pay a fee to not have to do something doesn't exactly sound like liberty to me. Anyway, Drudge's tweet set off a barrage of liberals calling him a liar, because most of us wouldn't have to deal with the fee on our taxes until next year.

However, if you are self employed and pay taxes quarterly, you would be paying the penalty now, as Drudge is. As Breitbart reports, the liberal loons didn't let up (nor did the White House) upon learning this. The real lesson here is how absolutely foreign to most libs the realities of owning your own business is.

Odds are it never occurred to Drudge that he would be challenged on this as it's something he does quarterly. Ignorant liberals, however, are always ready to pounce.

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