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"Double Jeopardy"

by Jerry Bader

The Wall Street Journal has a particularly good opinion piece on the Zimmerman verdict. While I'm among those who agree that George Zimmerman's greatest error was pursuing Trayvon Martin, the Journal is right that the prosecution was never able to provide a shred of evidence to support their version of events.

And yes, some blacks in America today still face unjust scrutiny from law enforcement and others. But it is a fraction of what it once was. By its very nature this story was going to be about race, but the media put that reality on steroids. So did politicians (including President Obama) and "leaders of the black community."

But the call now for federal civil rights charges should be ignored by the Obama administration. So far protests have been relatively quiet. The spectacle of another trial likely would change that. And imagine if Zimmerman prevails there. And the Journal's point about Zimmerman's safety shouldn't be understated. He may have walked free from a courtroom. But he is hardly a free man at this point.