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Did JFC Whiff on Double Dipping Provision of State Budget?

by Jerry Bader

Joint Finance Committee co-chair, Representative John Nygren tells me no he doesn't believe so. Under the committee's vote, teachers, university professors and other public works would have to take a 75-day break from public service before they could return. The goal is to deal with "double dipping," where public employees retire, get rehired for their old jobs and still collect retirement benefits.

Several cases of this came to light in 2011, most notably that of UW-Green Bay Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Tom Maki.

The proposal would also disallow anyone who is re-hired from collecting their retirement benefits during the time they are employed, if they are working at least two-thirds time. Two thirds time is defined as 1,392 hours per year. Several listeners pointed out to me this morning that the common academic year is 1,320 hours per year. That would mean anyone on a 9 month contract would avoid this provision, according to those who brought this to my attention.

Nygren says they'll get clarification on that, but he doesn't think that proposal would exempt those with a nine month academic contract. He told me this afternoon that his belief is that someone on a 9 month contract is, in fact, a full time employee and doesn't think the two thirds provision applies here. He said he'd let me know when they get clarification on the issue. Nygren also stressed that it was certainly not their intent to exclude those with such contracts.