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Did IRS Try to Slow the WI Tea Party Movement and Verify the Recall?

by Jerry Bader

No suspicion where the IRS is out of bounds, knowing what we know now. Wisconsin's Grandsons of Liberty was one of those behind Verify the Recall:

In May 2011, Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty applied for tax-exempt status with the IRS.  Over the past few years, they repeatedly followed up with the IRS but have never heard back.  When asked about what he thought of the IRS’s delay, Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty’s Tim Dake said, "It’s suspicious. A two-year wait and no response to repeated queries tells us that their focus is on something other than customer service."   

Were President Obama a Republican the media would be on this story like a starving dog on a t-bone steak. Most of their coverage thus far has included the angle the President is "outraged" at this. We'll see if they actually do their jobs and see if there are any dots to connect that end at 1600 Penn.