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Did Colas' Family Ties Influence Act 10 Ruling?

by Jerry Bader

You remember Juana Colas, don't you? He's the liberal Dane County judge that struck down Governor Walker's Act 10 reforms as unconstitutional. What you didn't know was that he has family ties that you could easily argued should have prompted him to recuse himself from the case.

The MacIver institute reports this morning that Grace Colas, daughter of Juan Colas, works for the campaign arm of the Wisconsin Assembly Democrats:

Grace Colas' employer, the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee, regularly receives financial support from the teacher's union and its affiliates that have been parties in the case her father is ruling over.

During his time presiding over the Act 10 case, the MacIver Institute has not been able to find any public record of Judge Colas disclosing his family's connection to the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. 

We already knew that Colas was a big lib. But that his daughter has a virtual vested interest in ACT 10 makes it obvious he should have recused himself. Let's see if the MSM picks up on this.