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Deadly but Honest

by Jerry Bader

A simply brilliant piece by Mark Steyn. The U.S. Government has, at every turn, avoided calling Ft. Hood shooting suspect Major Hassan an Islamic terrorist. They've labeled the shooting "workplace violence." No purple hearts for the injured. Yet, as Steyn points out, Hassan as no confusion or reservations about who and what he is.

There is a point here Steyn misses though. This shooting took place in the fall of 2009. This is when the Obama administration's "terrorism, what terrorism?" meme was full throat and then some. Recent events have conspired to force President Obama to admit Islamic terrorism is an ongoing threat. No, Hassan doesn't appear to have been affiliated with a sophisticated network. He didn't have to be. Neither did the Boston bombers. But his act was one of Islamic terror nonetheless. And he's far more honest about it than the government attempt to impose justice upon him.