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Could the Packers/49'ers Be Blacked Out?

by Jerry Bader

The short answer is: yes. Packer spokesman Aaron Popkey told me Sunday night that 40% of season ticket holders bit on the offer of playoff tickets that was made when the Packers didn't seem to be going anywhere. And I suspect the policy the Journal-Sentinel story refers to was a factor as well. A lot of people didn't like having the money go to next year's tickets rather than refund it. Popkey told me at that time that most ticket holders took the option of putting it to next year's tickets anyway.

And today, Packers shareholders(which include my wife and me) received this email:

Dear Green Bay Packers Shareholder,

The Green Bay Packers are pleased to offer an opportunity to purchase
tickets to the NFC Wild Card Game, scheduled for Jan 5th at Lambeau Field.

Tickets are available for purchase via Ticketmaster at

Thank you for your continued support of the Green Bay Packers. We look
forward to seeing you at Lambeau Field!

Go Pack Go!
Green Bay Packers Shareholder Services 

Translation: we really, really, really, don't want a blackout. I'm suspecting this is a bad time of year to ask people to suddenly make this decision. I know it's true for us. The Christmas credit card bills will soon be arriving for many. I've been tempted; I checked what was left. The best available was the southeast corner, row 45. And let's not forget it's going to be really, really cold for what will essentially be a night game at Lambeau. 

My plan at the moment is to be watching it in my family room, fire in the fireplace, dog at my side. I hope it's looking that way as of Saturday afternoon, or I may change my plans, and go by a pair of snow pants that fits.