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Change the Mascot!

by Jerry Bader

I received this email today. It asks that our radio station(s) no longer use the term "Redskin." If you missed it, Redskin is now the "R-Word," considered as derogatory as the "N-Word" by those seeking to ban it. The email reads, in part:

Last week, CBS sports anchor James Brown publicly declared that he believes the Washington team must change its name. That statement was particularly significant because it followed CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus telling a magazine that his network has not forced its broadcasters to keep repeating this racial slur in their coverage of the NFL.

Though we would prefer networks institute rules prohibiting their resources from promoting dictionary- and government-defined racial slurs, we are hopeful that other sports media executives will at least follow McManus by allowing their individual employees not to promote this epithet. We are also hopeful that with such editorial freedom, more sports media figures will follow Mr. Brown and speak out clearly against this continued injustice.

In fact, networks aren't going to force their talent to use "Redskin." This actually lets networks off the hook. If a majority of their on-air personalities simply stop using it, they never have to make a decision on this. I had Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy on the show today. Murphy called himself a Redskin for eight seasons. He didn't dare to take a definitive opinion on it. I'm guessing the NFL hopes Redskins owner Daniel Snyder will change the name once nobody is using it on television anymore.