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Bizarre End of Game in Badger's Loss

by Jerry Bader

One way or the other, the refs blew this. If they thought Quarterback Joel Stave had no adequately taken a knee (and I'm not so sure he did), they should have stopped play to determine whether it was a fumble. If there was no uncertainty about that, then the defensive player lying on the ball should have been flagged for delay of game. But it's beyond reason that the officiating crew would simply stand there and allow the defensive player to lie on the ball, preventing the ball from being spotted in time for Stave to spike the ball and set up the field goal try. But it appears that all of this was set up by UW Coach Gary Anderson's concern that too much time would be left on the clock after the field goal. Given the amount of time left, that seems a pointless concern. You can watch this debacle for yourself: