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An IRS Political Timeline

by Jerry Bader

I shared this on the air today. Fortunately, the Journal doesn't have this behind its pay wall. I would print it and keep it. One, Strassel points out that the IRS targeting coincides, almost perfectly, with when President Obama began demonizing conservative groups. So, you can believe that the toxic environment Obama created led the IRS to start unfairly scrutinizing conservative groups, or you can believe that such scrutiny was the covert half designed by the White House to complement the overt half.

If the "few rogues in Cincy" meme had been real, maybe. But it wasn't. But intentionally or not, Obama's public crusade could end up being an excuse the administration uses itself. I know it seems hard to believe, but I can picture the White House saying "perhaps the President's words were "over the top," but he never imagined IRS workers would see them as an invitation to action. Unlikely? Perhaps. But nothing is far fetched anymore.