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A True Story

by Jerry Bader

It was shared with me by a friend I've known for almost ten years and who I've never heard told a lie. As such, I have no reason to doubt him on this. I share with no comment because I feel it speaks for itself.

My niece who is a major liberal was confronted by an angry, aggressive male on her way to pick up her daughter at school.

She left her 3 year old son in his car seat with the windows down while she walked a half a block to the corner to wait for her daughter to cross the street from school. As she walked away from the car, that would be continuously in her sight, a father who was also on his way to pick up his child, stopped his car, rolled the window down and screamed at for leaving her son in the car. The man referred to her as a dumb bitch and she was so shocked she returned to her car, got her son out of his car seat and dragged him screaming down the street with her. The man exited his car and while still screaming obscenities at her, started to close the distance between them. A neighbor of her's who was also picking up his child, grabbed a tire iron and started toward the guy to place himself between the angry male and my niece.  A woman standing nearby turned and reached to access her pistol as she had a license to carry. The man who was now confronted with two other citizens prepared to defend my niece retreated to his vehicle and left. When the police arrived they knew the guy and told my niece that she was very lucky because the man has a history of drug abuse and mental problems. She was told that he can become extremely violent and were it not for the other citizens she could have been very seriously injured. The woman with the pistol told my niece that she was convinced that she was witnessing an event that would require her to use deadly force and she determined that if the man had not reversed direction when he did, she would have shot him. This all happened in Savannah GA last week and my extremely liberal niece that prior to this event put her entire safety in the hands of law enforcement now carries a taser. Funny how reality can change a persons politics.