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A Thoughtful Piece on Ultrasound Laws...From An Abortion Doctor

by Jerry Bader

Not surprisingly, in the end, she opposes ultrasound laws. But she firmly supports my position that the hysteria from the pro-abortion camp on ultrasounds being some type of "medical rape" is just that, hysteria:

Both supporters and opponents of abortion rights get another thing wrong: they misunderstand standard abortion practice. The use of trans-vaginal ultrasounds is routine among abortion providers. When I started this work three decades ago, pregnant women often had to wait until they were seven or eight weeks pregnant before providers felt comfortable performing an abortion—they needed to wait that long to confirm a pregnancy and its placement. With advances in ultrasound technology—specifically the ability to conduct trans-vaginal ultrasounds—providers can now verify an intrauterine pregnancy as early as 4 weeks. Women no longer have to wait through weeks of pregnancy symptoms and distress before having a desired abortion. Trans-vaginal ultrasound is a useful tool and shouldn’t be maligned by abortion rights supporters seeking to make a quick exaggerated political point. 

Her arguments against ultrasound laws are also reasonable. That doesn't mean I agree with them. I think they're reasonable. I do think she points to some provisions in some laws that do practice medicine where they shouldn't(who should perform the ultrasound, among them). She also makes the case that there is no scientific measurement to illustrate that viewing an ultrasound reduces a woman's chances of choosing abortion. She also says it may actually solidify the decision to abort. I don't have the expertise to answer to that. But one argument I don't think she refutes very well, if at all, is that it's always better for a patient to be more informed than less informed.

And yes, she accuses both sides of being inflammatory here. To some degree I suppose both sides have exaggerated arguments. But the pro-life camp hasn't done anything as egregious as take a medical procedure that's done in virtually every abortion anyway and turn it into "medical rape."