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49'ers Player Calls Appleton S**thole

by Jerry Bader

Anthony Davis tweeted  that assessment last night.  Packers opponents stay at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in downtown Appleton. Apparently Davis wasn't impressed with the surroundings. And he defiantly defended his appraisal in a subsequent tweet. The reality is Green Bay and the Fox Valley is the smallest metro area with an NFL team. I'm guessing Davis' real beef is Appleton is a small city. There's a difference between not being happy being in a small town and a s**thole. I won't name names, but I've been in some great small towns and I've been in some that would fit Davis' definition.

If he was referring specifically to the Paper Valley, I'd take issue with that as well. It's a perfectly fine hotel, but it's not a luxury resort. It doesn't compare with say, The American Club in Kohler. But I doubt NFL players stay in 5 star accommodations as general practice. Davis sounds like a spoiled NFL player who complains about every little thing. Should that shock anyone?