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Yeah, that's what I thought. Mynock.

by Greg Belfrage

Those of you who can't get enough of scruffy-looking Nerf herders will love the latest mini-bust from Gentle Giant Ltd!

Han Solo (Mynock Hunt) is now available for pre-order.  

Who can forget the classic scene from Empire Strikes Back of Solo blasting Mynock off the power cables while C3PO cowers in fear inside the ship?  And that haunting moment when you realize... "This is no cave."

Sculpted using photos from the Lucasfilm archives, Han is outfitted in his blue Bespin jacket, breathing apparatus and seen extending a signature DL-44 heavy Blaster pistol.  The Mynock Hunter Han Solo is cast in durable materials.  Each mini-bust is hand painted and packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Retail price is $65 and will be released in February.

Click HERE to order your mini-bust directly from Gentle Giant Ltd!

Photo credits: Gentle Giant Ltd

Greg Belfrage is an avid Star Trek fan, serious Batman toy collector and hopeless geek.  He hosts the morning show on KELO Newstalk 1320 AM / 107.9 FM.