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Can the Pack get over their 49ers hump?

by Ryan Fantozzi

The Packers have lost three straight to San Francisco 49ers who have become their biggest out of division rival the past few years. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has torched the Packers with both his legs (last year's divisional game) and week one this year with his arm (412 passing yards). The weather is going to be a bother to everyone from the players on the field and sidelines to the fans in the stands. Stay warm tomorrow if you are going! Here are my keys to a Packers Wild Card win.

1. Run Eddie run!: Eddie Lacy was held to just 41 yards on 14 carries with a touchdown and a costly fumble in week one. He is a lot more comfortable in the offense now and has proven to be a beast even on an ankle that has been giving him problems the last quarter of the season. Lacy is a back built for the cold weather; an absolute monster who no one wants to hit with temperatures in the negatives. 

2. Avoid turnovers in your own half: During the last two meetings, the Packers have had devastating turnovers on their own half of the field. Jeremy Ross' muffed punt in the divisional game is still too fresh of a memory for many of us. Lacy's fumble inside the Packers own 20 helped swing momentum as well as an interception that went off the hands of Jermichael Finley in week 1. Avoid these turnovers and this game could come down to the last possession.

3. Capitalize in the red zone: The Packers were one of the worst teams in the red zone this year when it came to scoring touchdowns inside the red zone. Field goals are going to be difficult to make at any point on the field with the winds swirling in, so touchdowns will be gold tomorrow.