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Nice Catch

by Robb Reel

A good WR knows how to adjust his route so he can end up where he's supposed to be.

Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles did exactly that today.  Cooper went to a Kenny Chesney concert last Wednesday and -- much like in Chesney's hit "Out Last Night" -- said and did some things he regrets.  Many of us have done likewise.  The difference is that the 25-year-old dropped a certain word that just isn't used in polite company.

... or public.

... or really anywhere anymore.

I want to jump ahead on this.  Let's not get into the racial aspects [Cooper happens to be white] or how the word is given a free pass in certain cultural venues.  Let's overlook the [often incorrect] perception that Country music fans are more racially insensitive.  Let's avoid the hollering of "Free speech!" by those who clearly don't understand what the First Amendment actually guarantees.  Let's brush past the fact that the fourth-year player went to Florida [see: Aaron Hernandez].

Let's not dwell on what Cooper did wrong when we can focus on what he did right.

If you ever wanted to know how to apologize for a huge screw-up, read Cooper's statement.

Then read it again.

There is genuine contrition.  More than once, he says he is ashamed.  He doesn't make excuses.  He kept it short yet sincere.

[Cooper makes a catch against the Tennessee Titans during his rookie season -- Photo: REUTERS/M. J. Masotti, Jr.]

That's how it should be done.