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This from the Visiting Side of Things

by Jason Miller

The Falcons organization is nothing but class.  It started with the folks covering the team.  They were so gracious, kind and very helpful.  Next the staff cleaning up the locker-room.  Moved chairs, bags and shoes that were in the way.  The Owner, didn't get a picture, but very nice and asked who I was covering the locker-room for.  Told him and then off to the locker-room/media room for the Falcons.

While I'm waiting for Coach to show up I thought, hey lets show the optical illusion of what a back-drop actually looks like.  It doesn't cover the whole wall, just big enough so when the camera from the NFL Network is shooting Coach's press conference, it looks like it entraps the whole area.  Sorry NFL, but I just reveled your secret.

Oh here comes Coach Smith:

So he says what a tough game it was and how they let some chances get away, blah, blah.  Lets get into the locker-room where the actual interviews take place.  First pic from the locker-room is Roddy White:

He had a pretty good game, however he was not okay with the loss.  Which was nice to hear.  However, I think there is one interview you want to hear.  That would be Falcons LB, Weatherspoon.  That might have been one of the best INT's I have seen.  First a great job by his team-mate to kick the ball and for Weatherspoon to keep his eye on it, just a great play.  So here is Weatherspoon talking about that INT:

Well that doesn't for another stimulating look into the visiting side of things.  For your Visiting Side of Things reporter, I'm Jason Miller.  Till the Steelers game, always remember, never take a wooden nickle.