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Can you score too many points today?

by Jason Miller

Ohio State University Football program is under fire for scoring too many points against Penn State. I was searching Youtube when I found this video.  I want you to watch it and then I will have more to say.

I know this is like every college program in the country but something struck me about this video. The players in this video are BEASTS!  They all have that "look".  They have that look in their eyes. And when I say all, I mean all of them.  In other videos there are a few guys who look they way Ohio State players look.  These guys are machines.  They are versions of what everyone who reads this wants to be.  You don't get that in other college videos.  Then you put one of the best coaches at the helm and you get a team that won't stop until he says to.  You get a team that has third stringers who are better than most first stringers.  Did they beat the crap out of Penn State, yes.  But they have too if they want to be considered for the BCS Championship game.  It's not there fault that they play in a weak conference this year and have to beat teams in their conference by large amounts. 

Better yet, I wanted to hear what Penn State Head Coach, Bill O'Brien had to say about it.  So again turned to Youtube and found his press conference.  You will hear a message in this video that speaks to his team and I believe to OSU.  If all you want to hear is how he felt about the beat down, go to 4:56.  Let me know what you think.

Ohio State football you just keep scoring and maybe, just maybe you will get a shot at the Championship Game.  However I will say this, I sure wish my Badgers would have beaten them.