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Pats fans stay on a plane to watch the end of the Pats/Broncos game.

by Jon Henseler

Saw this pic making the rounds the other day and to say I was shocked would be an understatement. First of all I can't believe I've never been on a flight that had live TV embedded in the backs of chairs. Like is that normal now? How am I supposed to keep up my status as an international blogger if I'm on a regular flight with no TV like some kind of plebeian. Can't have it. Won't have it. From now on it's live TV on flights or I'm just staying home. 

That being said, this I think shows the power of sports more than any of those Chris Conley ESPN tear jerkers. Because this plane is on the ground folks. Like these people are allowed to leave on their own volition. But they actually chose to stay on a plane longer than necessary so they wouldn't miss the greatest comeback not led by Frank Reich in the last 30 years. And anyone who has flown even once knows how looney tunes this is. I'd say that the moment after a plane lands at it's desitination is pound for pound when you see the worst in humanity. People start standing, getting their bags in order, all in an effort to get off the plane .3 seconds earlier than someone else. Like normal, nice people turn into serial killers. And serial killers turn into, I dunno what's worse than serial killer, Miley Cyrus? It's flat out bananas. So to voluntarily stay on a plane tells you all you need to know about sports allegiances.

Also I was sort of rooting for this game to end in a tie as well. We, as fans of the NFL, should be rooting for a tie a week so that the insane overtime rules get changed. Hey Goodell, spend a little less time acting like you're worried about concussions and a little more time getting rid of a rule that allows for soccer references. Please and thanks.

PS: The planes I've been on: