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Packers cut ties with Bishop, Ellis cuts ties with Bucks.

by Jon Henseler

Preach Ron! Preach! I have to say that I'm a little confused about Bishop's release yesterday. He struck me as exactly the type of player we needed on defense. Big, strong, physical dude who inflicted pain on his hits. A guy that had an intimidation factor to him. Which is something our defense seemed to be completely devoid of last season. We looked softer than Stay Puft by the end of the year and I think I even said in our post season recap blog that the 'biggest free agent signing we'll make this offseason is getting Desmond Bishop back.' Actually my endorsement is probably what doomed him. It's like when your parents started using Facebook, it lost some of it's cool factor. Same deal when you get the endorsement of a guy who 'writes' for a living and best resembles Ken Jennings if Ken spent the next 6 months eating non-stop. So, sorry Desmond. And wouldn't you know it, Desmond's first free agent visit will be to none other than the Minnesota Vikings! Honestly that place is like Del Boca Vista for former Packers. It's like Ted Thompson had a yard sale and Zygi Wolf stopped by. Ohhh look at this Prince, a partially used Greg Jennings, we could use one of those, and a remodeled Desmond Bishop, score! It's like they're trying to piece together the 2011 Super Bowl championship Packer team one piece at a time. And yes Prince is in my yard sale metaphor. He's the only cool thing associated with that organization. Maybe if Desmond is lucky Prince will beat him in basketball and then serve him pancakes. Also, I miss Chappelle Show.

And then there's Monta Ellis. Can't say that move surprised me. He's got one last chance for a long term deal and I say go for it. He was a shoot first point guard who couldn't shoot. Now let JJ Redick walk, don't match any Brandon Jennings offer and trade Illyasova to the Wizards for the #3 pick and start the rebuilding/moving to Seattle process. But I'm happy to see the Bucks weren't silly enough to offer huge money to Ellis the same way they did with Michael Redd. Cue the Schrute.