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NFL Executive calls Seneca Wallace 'horrible' says Eagles will roll.

by Jon Henseler

Well in case you missed it yesterday an NFL Personnel Executive came out and said this about Seneca Wallace and the Packers chances on Sunday against Philly. Essentially giving us a Bluto's GPA chance at winning the game and indirectly implying that Scott Tolzien will be our QB either by next week or by the end of the National Anthem on Sunday. Honestly I can't really remember a game like this is my lifetime. Flynn against the Patriots would be the closest, but I think even then I had some hope because Flynn was young and we didn't really know what to expect. And he had Hasselbeck-esque preseasons so we'd seen him be at least moderately successful. Wallace has been around awhile so there's really no 'upside' hopes, and the only film we have on him is from Monday because he was signed so late he didn't play a single preseason snap. And while I don't put the blame on Ted Thompson a lot, if we go win-less during this 3 (or 4) game stretch a LOT of that is on him for waiting so long to commit to a backup and then picking basically whatever was left. This would be like designating your least technologically savvy friend to be your 'clear history' guy if you should die randomly. You don't anticipate it, but if it comes to pass and he can't figure it out your friends and family's lasting memory of you is going to be your last 7 days of internet searches. Not a great look. Now I'm still hoping that we have that Flynn-style game where, with practice and a game-plan designed around Wallace's skills (?), he'll come out and be competent enough. At this point I think that 'game plan' might be running the ball 65 times but it is what it is.

PS: What are the odds that this 'NFL Personnel Executive' was Ted Thompson? 14%?

Double PS: The fact that I'm tagging Packer blogs with 'Scott Tolzien' is mind boggling.