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Things you should always buy online

by Nikki Montgomery

Of course we always encourage you to buy local, but there are a few things that you should always buy online to save yourself hassle, money, and time.

Meds - Especially pet medication. The prices online are so much better than those through the vet. I learned that when my vet gave my dog a prescription for a supplement that costs over $50 per month! I found the exact same supplement online for $26 plus shipping.

Computer software & updates - It's so much more convenient to download software right to your computer from somewhere online than to have to run to a store pick it up and install it from a disk.

Cell Phones - I don't understand why cell phone companies offer additional or bigger discounts when you purchase online, but they all do it. If you order a phone online you can sometimes save up to $100 more than if you purchase it in the store. The more frustrating part is they don't price match in the store.

Event tickets or concert tickets - This is a no brainer. Waiting in line for hours to buy tickets to see your favorite band in concert or see your favorite sports team play is a thing of the past. Go online and grab your tickets in a few minutes and even better you get to choose your seats in most cases. 

Travel - Booking your airfare, hotel and car rental online can not only save you money, but it will save you hassle too. Many sites allow you to book all of that at once so you only have one stop to make. Plus if you do it all online you don't have to spend precious time and money with a travel agent.