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Is My Dog Fat?

by Justin

Do you ever wonder whilst you let your dog devour the remains from your dinner plate- is my dog getting chubby?  

Your typical middle age house dog is usually NOT a sinewy, lean muscle champion, but how much flab can a healthy dog have?  

A quick and easy way to assess your pet's weight is with a body condition scoring chart, like this from Ohio State University's Vet School.  

Or, stand above your pet, and then look down.  Do you see their ribs?  If so, your dog is actually too skinny.  If you can't see their ribs, reach down and feel their sides.  Can you feel ribs?  Then your pet is at a healthy weight.

From above your pet should have a slight hourglass shape as well.  Near the end of their rib cage and before their hind quarters you should be able to see a taper.  If not, it's time to put Spot on a diet.