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Pregnancy Nosebleeds

by Nikki Montgomery

Yesterday we're sitting here answering calls for trivia when all of a sudden my nose started bleeding! I just ran out of the studio without saying anything to Bryan. I thought it was minor so it would stop in a minute. Well, I managed to get it under control enough to go back into the studio. I told Bryan what was going on since I had brought tissue back with me. Five minutes later my nose was still bleeding. I had my head tilted down like I'd been instructed in the past when getting struck by objects (once a backpack a girl on my bus was swinging and another time I was hit in the face with a basketball), finally it stopped. 

Nothing to be alarmed about. Nosebleeds are pretty common in pregnancy. The only time to worry is if it happens often. 

Congestion happens because hormones cause more blood flow which causes swelling in the nasal passages. This also creates more mucous so you end up blowing your nose more and the more you blow the more likely you are to get a nose bleed. 

Since I got a nosebleed yesterday that tells me that I need to run a humidifier or I need to use saline nasal drops to moisturize to combat dryness.

I just read that Vitamin C can help too. It strengthens capillaries which reduces the chance of nosebleeds.