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A Quick Lens and a Loooooong String

by Corey Carter

Let me say that you might have better luck winning the Powerball than having all 3 kids look at the camera and SMILE at the same time.  Make sure you bring your patience with you to any photo shoot. 

 It was family picture day yesterday.  For the 2nd year we've done it in the fall, because we like the leaves as a backdrop and also because October marks the boys' birthday, so it makes sense. 

I will advise for parents, especially if you have twins, or multiple younger kids (who don't listen to instructions...and have about a :02 second attention span) make sure you find a photographer who is PATIENT and snaps a MILLION pics with the camera.  (Granted, 95% of the pics will get deleted, but hopefully a few will work.)

This is ONE of them we got of our daughter...hopefully we got at least one of all 5 of us together, but I guess we'll find out in a week when the photos are finally done.