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Ted on Young cut, "Blame me"

by Mark Daniels

General Manager Ted Thompson emerged from the carnage that is final cut day to offer few details on a 2013 Green Bay Packers roster that could still be fluid right up until the regular season kicks off next Sunday at Candlestick Park against the reigning NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers.

22 roster cuts were made by Saturday evening, the most notable was quarterback Vince Young. Given less than four weeks to impress, he could not and Thompson said that probably wasn't enough time and that's my fault.  Can the team enter a game that counts with B.J. Coleman one snap away from playing quarterback?  Thompson said that's how it looks right now.  Ted said all of the decisions, many of them difficult, are made with the best interest of the Packers in mind.  Having just four running backs versus 9 or 10 defensive linemen, depending on how you count Mike Neal, is just how the roster juggling worked out.   On free agent Chris Banjo, Thompson said we were looking for a safety, worked him out and he's impressed ever since.   He was happy Johnny Jolly made it all the way back.  "I liked him when we had him the first time and I like him now", Thompson said.

Thompson wouldn't address the practice squad signings, although he prefers to bring back players who were with the team in camp.  Several reports had Charles Johnson, Myles White among those returning, along with former Wisconsin Badger Scott Tolzein.  Cut by the 49ers, Tolzein worked out with the team Sunday morning and is expected to sign the practice squad contract.

The Packers have had at least five of their cuts claimed off waivers by other teams, an impressive number.  Dezmon Moses landed with Kansas City, Terrell Maninng with San Diego, D.J. Wiliams with Jacksonville, Alex Green with the New York Jets and center Patrick Lewis with Cleveland.

There may be a few tweaks to the roster, say if a veteran quarterback is brought on board, a Josh Boyd or Andy Mulumba might have to be sacrificed, but as of Sunday evening, the Packers hadn't put a claim in and once the 24 hour waiver period has ended, all of the players will be free agents.

Want to hear what Ted had to say about the Young cut and the prospect of having Coleman play backup?  Here are the quotes from his Sunday press conference.

Audio: Ted Thompson on cutting Vince Young