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Mini Camp drills and spills

by Mark Daniels

Head Coach Mike McCarthy has spent so much time detailing player injuries over the past couple of seasons, he may be giving up on bothering the media with such trivial matters as say, a serious surgery for one of his players.   After today's mandatory mini-camp practice, McCarthy confirmed running back DuJuan Harris had an operation, but he declined to offer any specifics, standing behind the team's policy not to disclose injury related news.  Thank heavens Harris has a smart phone, for it was the running back who sent out a picture of himself, bare chested, with a large bandage on the right side of his chest.  Harris said he had a cyst, the size of a fist, removed from his right lung.  He also said a full recovery is expected.   McCarthy only announced DuJuan would miss the rest of the off-season program but should be ready for training camp.   Harris was signed at mid-season last year but wound up as the team's lead ballcarrier because of yes, injuries to Cedric Benson and James Starks.  The Harris operation was the most noteworthy event of the camp, which wraps up Thursday.

Today's practice again was moved inside the Hutson Center because of rain.  Only a handful of fans, hoping to watch the workout on Clark Hinkle Field, braved the drops for a glimpse of the players and coaches arriving to work.  Most of the practice time was spent on individual fundamentals, group drill work and special teams run throughs.  One of the quarterback drills had each one take snaps from about the 20 yard line and loft fade routes to back right corner of the end zone.  A big fishing net, about 6 feet off the ground was tucked in the corner, the object, fill it up.  As you would imagine, Aaron Rodgers took the honors, dropping three balls into the net.  Graham Harrell and rookie free agent  Matt Brown each had one.   Granted it was just one drill won by the former MVP, but it's starkly apparent how far superior Rodgers is as a passer compared to the others.  Nearly every ball is a tight sprial with the perfect amount of drive or touch,   Receivers rarely reach for his darts.  On one team play in the red zone, protection broke down and Aaron was flushed to his left.   Randall Cobb adjusted his route to the outside front pylon with Chaz Powell in tight coverage.  Moving left, Rodgers delivered a strike down low where Cobb scooped it off the turf just inside that pylon for a touchdown.  That kind of precision is an everyday occurance.

The final day of camp will have the squad in early for weight lifting and then McCarthy has a team activity scheduled.  Mike said because of the wet weather forecast, he has both an inside and outside activity planned.   Guard T.J. Lang said even as a professional athlete, the team building event is a good thing, unless they pass out guns

like last year's trip to a clay shooting range.  Thankfully, there were no incidents.   In past years, McCarthy has taken the guys to a paint ball course and a bowling alley.