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How Did Eddie Lacy Do in the Pro Bowl?

by Paul Heling

High fives for Eddie Lacy this season.  He was just one of four rookies of the 88 total Pro Bowl selections, not to mention other accolades:

  • Pro Football Writers of America Rookie of the Year
  • Second Team All-Pro from the Associated Press
  • Candidate for Offensive Rookie of the Year to be Announced Saturday
  • Packers' Rookie Records for  Yards (1,178) and TD's (11)
  • Plus you can still vote him in as the Pepsi Next Rookie of the Year

So how did he do in the Pro Bowl?

He had to wait until the second half and then finished with 7 carries for 14 yards.  Some negative-yardage carries hurt his numbers.  But a reception for 9 yards helped set up a Team Sanders touchdown.  And of course, in the end Team Rice took over with a late touchdown and two-point conversion.

Looking forward to more great things from Eddie Lacy, but in the meantime, was also looking forward to YouTube today to see what happened when the girl ran on the field.  The network wouldn't show anything but players laughing.  Here's what happened...