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Too stupid for words!!

by Laura Bradshaw

But I guess she won't be talking much....  considering..... 

A 64-year-old woman from called 911 and made noises, because that is all she could do since that she had accidentally super-glued her lips together. Yep- you read that right.  How in the world could that have happened????  Well.... 

Rescue workers who went to the woman's home found that she had mistakenly grabbed the super-glue instead of lip balm in the middle of the night. I don't care how dead asleep I am, I'm not gonna grab the SUPER GLUE!!!  And another question, why was that on her nightstand... along with the lip balm?  And wouldn't the smell have tipped you off too????  Super glue is pretty potent stuff.  

She was treated at a hospital.