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How you say..... ???

by Laura Bradshaw

Recently the debate has come up around here as the Underduck and Underdog.  Now I think this debate is stupid, since they are two separate things entirely.  Underduck refers to something where you run under a swing.  Underdog refers to competition.  As the opposite of Top Dog- you expect them to win, you expect the Underdog to lose.  

So- after more research, there are some other things that come into play which is totally based on where you are from in this great nation of ours.  

Here is a list.  

- Crawfish, crayfish or crawdad?
- Caramel or carmel?
- Bowie knife or boo-ee knife?
- Crayon, cray-awn, cran or crown?
- LAWyer or loy-yer?
- Coleslaw or just 'slaw'?
- Mayonnaise or man-aze?
- PaJAMas or pa-jah-mas?
- Pe-cahn or PEE-can?
- Syrup or sirrup?
- Sub, hoagie or hero?
- Coke, cola, soda or pop?
- Tennis shoes, sneakers or gymshoes?
- Highway or freeway? 

Source: (http://www.businessinsider.com/22-maps-that-show-the-deepest-linguistic-conflicts-in-america-2013-6) 

These are at least regional- the underduck and underdog thing is stupid.  I think, anyway, as they refer to two different meanings.  The debate is pointless.  

What do you think?