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Waiting for the Bus

by Joe Cassady

A very well-known international furniture and interior decorating store recently set up a customer assistance department.

The first call they got was from a lady who had purchased an armoire early in the morning. She explained that after assembly the armoire had crumbled three times when the public transport bus passed in front of her house.

The store sent a technician over to her place. He reassembled the armoire – which was in the hall on the second floor – and then went into it to observe what would happen when the bus, which was due a few minutes later, went by.

The phone rang and the lady went downstairs to take the call.

Just then her husband came home from work with a terrible flu condition. Hearing his wife on the phone he trudged upstairs where he found the armoire wardrobe; on opening one of the doors and seeing the man inside he exclaimed “What the dickens are you doing in there!?”

To which the guy replied “I know you’ll never believe this, but I’m waiting for the bus!”