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Are You Too Young for Hearing Help?

by Susan Fenrich

A man I know recently admitted that he was starting to experience a few problems wi th his hearing but h e didn't think it was all that serious. Occasionally he asks others to repeat things and his wife complains that he has the TV volume up too loud. One Sunday he had a discussion with his wife after church about something the Pastor had or had not said. He lost that one when his daughter confirmed she'd heard it the way his wife had.

When it was suggested that he have his hearing test ed he backed away quickly claiming he was much too young to be thinking about hearing instruments. He's in his early fifties and there was a time when I would have agreed with him, adopting the accepted attitude that a little hearing loss was to be expected as we age.

However in his case and many others it isn't just the aging process that is beginning to affect his hearing. He has a history of noisy employment and leisure activities that is catching up to him. He can ignore it for a time without too much inconvenience but the sooner he deals with his hearing problem the better.

Why seek hearing help now instead of later?

  1. Hearing loss can be caused by an accumulation of ear wax, fluid or infections in the middle ear, among other medical problems which may be easily remedied by seeing and ear, nose, throat specialist. Having the hearing evaluated will help determine if medical intervention is in order. Sudden hearing loss requires prompt medical attention.
  2. Hearing loss can sometimes be a n indicator of a more serious medical problem such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  3. Untreated hearing loss can result in the loss of a job or income .
  4. Hearing loss puts tremendous strain on family relationships , especially marriages .
  5. The isolation that can result from untreated hearing loss can lead to depression .
  6. It is easier to adapt to wearing hearing aids at a younger age, since you are still used to a noisy world.
  7. Taking care of the hearing loss sooner, helps preserve ones speech intelligibility . The longer one is without hearing; the harder it is to understand speech even with amplification, since the brain forgets what the speech sounds are.
  8. Hearing loss can actually speed up the shrinking process of the brain. Like a muscle the brain will atrophy without use and this can happen when the brain isn't stimulated properly through hearing. Studies have shown a correlation between hearing loss and Alzheimers and dementia.
  9. Children can be placed in jeopardy when someone cant hear properly .
  10. Unfortunate misunderstandings due to misunderstood speech can occur .
  11. Hearing loss can cause safety issues in everyday activities as in driving a car.

As you can see, if hearing loss is present, early detection and treatment is very important .

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