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Help for Achy Knees

by Christy Taylor

If you have knee pain, this fix is for you! The solution may be in your hips!

According to an article in Family Circle, the solution may not involve your knees at all—it’s in the hips! Personal Trainer Gregory Florez says one of the reasons women are prone to knee injuries is that their hips are wider than their knees, which puts extra pressure on them. So, strengthening the muscles around the hips can help!

Here’s an easy routine Florez recommends for you to do once a week: 5 reps on each leg doing a single leg squat,  5 reps of donkey kicks with a twist, and 10 reps of leg circle

Single Leg Squat: 5 reps on each leg
Donkey Kicks with a Twist: 5 reps each
Leg Circles: 10 reps on each leg