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Reasons To Bring Lunch Instead Of Heading Out

by Mark Evans

Starting in November of 2009 I began a total transformation going from around 270 pounds down to 189 by the Summer of 2011.  My goal was my College Football playing weight (195)....but was thrilled when I actually nailed my HIGH SCHOOL playing weight of 189!! 

Yes, it was a struggle because you have to TOTALLY change how you look at things like exercise and fitness, diet and even WHEN to eat.  I worked with a Personal Trainer and have been in great shape for over two years now.

But what I really learned...was how much money I was saving by bringing my own meals to work for lunch and for snacks.  It's staggering!!!

Not to mention the calorie savings!  

Today's Lunch:  

3/4 Cup Lentils = 170 calories

5 ounces Chicken = 120 calories

1 Cup steamed Green Beans = 60 calories

Total Calories = 350  Total Cost = $1.25

Here's the average cost for someone who eats lunch on the town say....three days a week:

Cost daily (with tip) = $7.00

Three times a week - $21.00

4 weeks a month = $84.00

52 weeks a year = $1,092

Your call.....