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Going Paleo For The New Year?

by Corey Carter

I considered trying the "Paleo" lifestyle as a New Years Resolution, but I talked my way out of it.  

Not because I don't want to eat healthier (in-fact I stepped on the scale last week an have gained about 15lbs in the past year - all because of poor diet - not lack-of-exercise) it's just that I think I can achieve my weight-loss goals WITHOUT having to adopt the latest "fad."  (I know the Paleo people would probably take offense to me calling it a "fad" - and I know that it's probably not....but it just seems to be the latest health-based lifestyle change that everyone is taking about.)

Anyway, here are my resolutions INSTEAD of going Paleo:

1-Limiting myself to 2000 calories or less every day.

2-Eating a LOT of lean protein (cottage cheese, tuna, turkey, chicken, greek yogurt) and try to avoid all "processed" foods (with the exception of whole-grains.) 

3-Cut OUT a lot of sugar (I'm reducing my coffee cream intake to only 2 tbls/day, no sugary snacks etc..)

4-Dinners/snacks at night will NOT have refined carbs/sugar (no breads/cereals or sugary snacks) 

5-Make sure to get 3-4 servings of VEGGIES in per day (this might be tough, but if I can eat veggies at-LEAST at lunch and supper, that will be a good start.)

My goal is to get down to 212lbs by 4/12 (my birthday)  Currently I'm at 230lbs. I'll keep you posted.