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5 "Thin" Eating Habits

by Corey Carter

(Thumbnail Photo: By Unknown photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons )

Here are 5 of the most effective tips for trying to avoid overeating, or eating unhealthy on an every-day basis:

-Start each day with a 16 - 20oz glass of water, the FIRST thing you consume each day.  (This will "wake-up" your metabolism from sleep and kick your body into calorie-burning mode quicker!)

-Place Junk Food "Out-Of-Sight": When you can't see it, you're less likely to think about it and therefore crave it.  If you DO have junk food, make sure you bury it in the back of the refrigerator or pantry shelves or hide it deeper in the freezer, so it's no the FIRST thing you see when you open the door.

-Make a list BEFORE You Go Grocery Shopping:  And not just a list of what the the best "deals" are.  Make a list of healthy food that you actually ENJOY eating (I know you have at-least a few of those foods) and buy them. Even better - take a few minutes before you go to the grocery store and plan-out meals for the next week or so...then you'll know exactly what to buy and it's easier to keep it healthy.

-Eat From a Plate or Bowl  - NOT directly from a package of food.  It's so easy to eat WAAAY more than you think you are if you don't actually pour out your portion on a plate.  (We've all done it with a spoon and a container of ice-cream in the freezer, right?!?!)

-Even if you relapse - DON'T GIVE UP - We've done it, where we've started a diet, or just watched what we ate and then BOOM...oops..there goes a Dairy Queen Blizzard...or OOPS, there goes a piece of cheesecake.  Don't worry, 1 "slip" won't destroy the results you've worked to get...so stay the course!!  

A great article that gives even more tips courtesy of the Health News Digest can be found HERE.