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Will I Ever Be Able to Run Again?????

by Vanessa Ryan

My Advice, Run While You Can!

I'm a runner. I may not be the fastest or the best runner, but I am a runner. I'm a "new" runner too. Avoiding running most of my life, I started running early last year on a fluke after being challenged on a long hike with my daughter. I ended up falling in love with it, much to my surprise, and last spring, summer and fall, running got me through the seasons feeling less stressed and healthier. I'm an outdoors runner and will run on pavement but enjoy running through trails and the woods more. Once winter hit and I stopped running, I rather quickly felt it was harder to work through my stress and felt a few pounds pack on without the regular exercise. I grew impatient looking at the calender and wishing for February and March to approach. Unfortunately, this winter was harder than I expected. Snowier, colder and busier as I took on a new schedule at work and running felt out of reach almost. At the start of the year I decided I needed to set some running goals so I had something to look forward to and talked to my daughter about training to run in marathons this year. 

Then three weeks ago I got into a car accident.  

It was a minor accident, but my leg was caught between the accelerator and part of the vehicle and my ankle was severely sprained. I've been in a walking boot ever since. My ankle is still swollen and continues to bruise on a regular basis. Every day it is hard to walk, let alone imagine running. I'm feeling extremely discouraged, almost depressed over the thought of not being able to follow through with my training to run my first 5K this summer. I know it is still early in the year and the weather isn't close to being cooperative enough to me getting outside on a regular basis, but I was hoping to start my training slowly in March. 

I'm not close to thinking about rehab for my ankle,( the picture above is my ankle just a few days ago, gross, I know) but I have started to research how I'll be able to start out getting back to running form again as soon as my ankle starts to heal. Until then I'm just trying to contain the pain and keep the swelling down. 

All the research is telling me NOT to push it. NOT to rush recovery and to take it one day at a time. Hard advice for someone who's impatient like me. :/

I'm not giving up. If I have to walk my first 5K I will, but I'd rather run it. My advice, if you enjoying running, do it while you can, because you never know when something could stop you.

Do you have any advice for me if you've ever been in my shoes...or walking boot? Can I come back from my injury?