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Wines For Dad

by PJ Lacey

Dad will enjoy sharing a refreshing chardonnay with you alot more than tossing that ugly tie in the closet. The Dreaming Tree  Chardonnay is light and buttery, backed with grated lemon and tropical melon peels. Perfect when dad grills seafood or poultry! My wine gal at Hardings Markets has it at $14.99.  Plus, it goes great with Dave Matthews music, one of the co-conspirators of Dreaming Tree, along with veteran Sonoma winemaker Steve Reeder.

Silk Oak has a full bodied cabernet with several layers for dad, cracked black pepper and notes of dark chocolate and spiced cherrys.  Great to share over a few stories and baseball scores.

If dad's grilling steak, a Shiraz Australia can make the meal. When the whole family's over for a cook-out, the Cocobon Red  blend brings a red fruit flavor to the party.  It runs $7.- $9.99.   

Happy Fathers Day, don't forget the card to go w/the cork.

photo courtesy-oakridgewinery.com