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So My Mother In Law is Right?

by Jay Morris

One of the quotes from my Mother-In-Law is "Moderation in everything" and now two new pieces of research may prove her right. 

New research from Greece, says moderate beer consumption may protect from heart disease. The research says drinking up to one pint may cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks by up to thirty percent. Beware before you go crazy, different research says drinking three pints a week can have a effects on concentration. Research from a university in Spain  says regular drinkers have to use twenty percent more brain power to carry out simple tasks, and find it progressively harder to concentrate.  


  • Beer is indeed good, too much too often is bad 
  • The healthy sweet spot is about a pint a week
  •  If these pieces of research are correct, then my Mother-in-law is right, (that one is hard to admit)