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REVIEW: Rocky Mountain IPA

by Jay Morris

The quest for the best IPA in the USA stops in Fort Collins Colorado for the Rocky Mountain IPA at Fort Collins Brewery   I must admit I have some very high expectations for this beer. I have had many friends talk up the full line of their beers, and have read some amazing reviews about several of their beers.  Fort Collins brewery according to their web site was Founded in 2003, they brew a creative array of beers meant for enjoying with friends and food. Everything  is founded on the principles of creating, sharing, and savoring: concepts that summarize their philosophy on how beer should be created and enjoyed. 

Rocky Mountain IPA(ABV 6.2 IBU 81) bottle poured with a nice head, decent retention, and lacing. Great copper color, not very cloudy, and a fantastic hops and floral smell.

 I couldn't wait for the first taste, malt was first, with delicate floral and a definitive post gulp hops bite. This IPA did not let me down! The best part of drinking this was the beers wonderful balance. The malt didn't overpower the hops, you just don't get that too often. Great beer, my only problem was I bought this as a "pick six" pack and only had one. When I buy it the next time, I'll be sure to buy the full six pack.