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"A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!" 500+ collector car auction

by Chris Carter

Lambrecht Chevrolet in Pierce, NE closed it's doors in 1996. Ray Lambrecht, the owner, was a collector, and it shows. Included in this auction are numerable cars that were never sold off the showroom floor, including a 1958 Apache pickup (11 miles), a 1964 Impala (2 miles), a 1978 Corvette (4 miles) and dozens more. This two-day auction September 28 and 29 is drawing attention from all over the world. 

I had the opportunity this week to check out just a few hundred of the vehicles that will be for sale, and let me tell you, it is quite the site. It is hard to put in to words the site of a field filled with row after row of cars of this vintage.  We also had a chance to see some of the parts, accessories and memorabilia that have been resurrected and will be sold.  There hundreds of pictures, and some great videos at the auctoneers site:

Van Der Brink Auctions Sale Info