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  • Raisin Controversy

    Posted by Matt Z

    We've got ourselves a raisin controversy!  

    I'm amazed at what people get bent out of shape over.  Do we really think that Sun-Maid is trying to use sex appeal to sell raisins?  That works with other products such as beer but with raisins?  Compare the two pics (old left, new right) and decide which image makes you want to buy the product:

    Old Sun Maid Raisin Image         New Sun Maid Raisin Girl

    The new woman is obviously better looking and the image itself has a more modern feel to it but the product is still the same and when it comes to raisins, can you name another brand (quickly) other than Sun-Maid?

    Now, if Sun-Maid is promoting more plump raisins, I think the new image is a better fit than the old.  But that's just me. 

  • Wal-Mart Greeter Punched

    Posted by Matt Z

    If you listen to the show on a regular basis you have probably heard me mention that I never get a greeting when I go into Wal-Mart.  I'm not sure why, I mean I am a very approachable guy, very friendly and I enjoy other people but I can never seem to get a hello or anything.  That being said, I would never take out my frustrations over getting snubbed by hitting a greeter.  I would never do that, but this guy did:

    That's ridiculous!  Here's the article to go with it:,2933,579044,00.html

  • Snoop Will Get You There

    Posted by Matt Z

    Are you tired of the annoying voice on your GPS telling you to turn right, turn left and turn around?  Have you dreamed about having your directions spoken to you by one of the greatest rappers of all time?  Thanks to Tom Tom, your dreams can become a reality.  Click here.

    Turn around when possible and keep it 'G', ya d-i-g?  Fo shizzle.

  • It's A Bra and Then Some

    Posted by Matt Z

    Ladies, this one's for you.  All I hear from my female friends and family members is that they wish that the standard bra could have a secondary purpose.  Well, wait no longer:

    I have three questions: 

    1.  Ladies, how often are you in a situation that it is absolutely necessary that  your bra be torn off and turned into a mask? 

    2.  Would you really wear it as a mask? 

    3.  Can this be used as a new character in Transformers 3?

    Guys struggle enough with a normal bra and now we have to figure out how to detach the mask function as well?  This isn't fair.

  • Tiger's Transgressions

    Posted by Matt Z

    tiger woods


    Tiger Woods released a statement this morning, apologizing for his "transgressions."  Read the full statement here.

  • Thank You Captain Obvious

    Posted by Matt Z

    So I came across an article this morning with a headline that made me laugh, "co-ed dorms linked to increased drinking, sex" and I thought to myself, do we really need an article to tell us that?

    I know that a lot of parents would like to think that nothing happens at college that they need to worry about but I also think most parents are realistic when it comes to what their kids are going to be exposed to at college.

    Dorm rooms, even if they are all female or all male, are still going to be a place where kids get together and do things that their parents don't want them doing, like drinking, having sex and other activities.  It just makes sense that if you start mixing the sexes in dorms what's going to happen is the sexes are going to mix more often!

    I'm not saying that co-ed dorms are a good idea or a bad one, I'm just saying that the article didn't need to be written.  We know what's going on.