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  • Tiger Split

    Posted by Matt Z

    Tiger and Elin


    Well it was only a matter of time, right?  Once all of Tiger's trashy ladies aired his dirty laundry, you knew that Elin was going to go the divorce route.  It's not 100% yet, but do you really think she will change her mind and give him another chance?  It seems as though he is a sex addict and that's not going to change.  I'm not the only one who mentioned the term "sex addict" when talking about Tiger Woods, here's Dr. Drew on the Joy Behar Show.

    If Elin would have stuck it out with Tiger and tried to make things work, she would have been the fool in this situation.  Instead, that title remains in place for Tiger, although I can think of many more terms that you could apply to his actions. 

  • Fantasy Firing

    Posted by Matt Z

    fantasy football shirt


    If you are someone who plays fantasy football that's great.  I play fantasy football and I really enjoy it from week to week.  If you play in a league that charges a fee, I'm not going to criticize you.  But if you spend time at work playing fantasy football, how dare you!  You should know better and if you don't, it could cost you your job.

    I get that they charged to be a part of the league, but to fire four people over about $20?  That seems a bit harsh.  Maybe the higher ups that made the decision to fire these four were also in the league and are having terrible years.  You never know and the truth may never come out.

  • Giant Snowball

    Posted by Matt Z

    What happens when you mix large amounts of packy snow with large amounts of alcohol?  I'm glad I asked:

           Giant Snowball in the street    

    After bar close, a bunch of Madisonians (most students at UW I would assume), got together to roll a giant snowball.  But that's not where the fun ends.  On a different street, this happened:

    When it comes to choosing colleges next year, keep Madison on the list.  Even in the winter, there's never a dull moment. 

  • Frosty The Inappropriate Snowman

    Posted by Matt Z

    This is not your kids Frosty!  What happens when you combine Frosty with How I Met Your Mother?  You get this:

    I know that there will be some Frosty purists that think this is offensive and wrong but to me, it's funny. 

  • Deer Family

    Posted by Matt Z

    I come across crazy stories all the time but this is a first.  I've heard of people keeping unusual pets in their homes, but a deer?  Seriously?

    I'm glad they give her ice cream, so often people will keep a wild animal and not pay enough attention to their diet that they've enjoyed in the wild.  If they would have denied her ice cream, I would have called PETA.

    Did Mike write that story?  Those were some wicked puns.



  • Tiger Text

    Posted by Matt Z



    It was only a matter of time before the text messages between Jaimee Grubbs and Tiger Woods came out.  If you haven't seen them, here you go.

    My favorites are the one where he calls himself "blasian" and the one where he says "quiet and secretively we will always be together."  Not so quiet anymore and it's no longer a secret.

  • Ganja Gourmet

    Posted by Matt Z

    cheech and chong

    If you happen to see a large, odd looking ice cream truck speeding by you on the highway it's probably Cheech and Chong.  They aren't filming part two of Nice Dreams in which they created "Happy Herb's Nice Dreams Ice Cream", they are just trying to get to Denver as fast as they can.  Why?  That's where you will find a restaurant called the Ganja Gourmet, where they serve food items laced with pot

    You can argue whether it's right or wrong but you have to admit it's a brilliant business strategy.  You eat the food and suddenly you are hungry again so you eat again.  The cycle never ends.  This place will never be without customers.  They might come in and never leave, but they will always have customers.       

  • The Pole Always Wins

    Posted by Matt Z

    Why won't kids get the message that when you take on a pole in a game of tongue-o-war the pole always wins!  

    Did you ever have the curiosity as a child to stick your tongue to a metal pole in the middle of winter?  I know that I was curious when I was much younger but I never did it because thanks to Flick, I realized the pain and embarrassment it could cause:


  • Naked In Traffic?

    Posted by Matt Z

    Traffic backed up


    Finally, here's a guy that reacts just like me during traffic jams.

    If I had a dollar for each time that I've been stuck in traffic and decided to take my clothes off to show my frustration, I would be a rich man.  I know many of you are thinking that that is a crazy reaction but don't knock it until you try it for yourself.  There's nothing quite like letting it all hang out for other angry drivers to see.  How else are the other drivers stuck in traffic supposed to know exactly how I feel about the situation?  Do you really expect me to stay fully clothed and just wait in my car like everyone else?  Now that's crazy!