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  • Kid Courage

    Posted by Matt Z

    I want you to try and think back to when you were an 11-year-old.  I know it might be a bit harder for some of you to do than others but really try.  Now, pretend that your mother and her boyfriend were dealing drugs.  

    Everyone on the same page?  Now I want you to, as an 11-year-old, try and decide what you would do in that situation.  Would you call 9-1-1 and turn your mother and her boyfriend in?  If you are being honest with yourself, I'm guessing you wouldn't be able to do that. 

    Here's the 9-1-1 call of a boy who did. 

    The mom and boyfriend were both charged with felony counts of drug possession with intent to distribute.

    No one else would help this kid so he took action to create a better situation for himself and his brothers.  Pretty amazing.

  • Pants on the ground!

    Posted by Matt Z

    I don't normally enjoy the several episodes that American Idol dedicates to highlighting the freaks who come out to sing and make fools of themselves.  Last night was the exception.  One Idol hopeful stood out from all the rest and it wasn't because he has an amazing voice but because he was simply amazing. 

    Idol closed the show last night with the audition of Larry Pratt.  First of all, he's 62 and the age limit is 28.  He shouldn't have even been allowed to audition but the producers of Idol must have known that they had magic in their presence.  Larry wrote his own song and it's now become my favorite Idol hit.  I can't stop watching and singing along to the video posted below.  Please enjoy!


  • No Duh!

    Posted by Matt Z

    Mark McGwire juicing

    I don't think anyone was shocked by BIG Mac admitting to being on steroids during his MLB career.  Did he really need to confirm it for us?  I don't think so but he did.  Besides die-hard St. Louis fans, was there anyone left who held out hope that he was clean?

    Bob Costas scored an interview with the juicer (audio from that interview linked below) and not only was it revealing and emotional it was downright hilarious! 

    So Mark, when did you start cheating?  Click here for the answer.

    I love how he blames the gym rats.  Sure the roids may have been present in the gyms he was hanging out at but that doesn't mean you have to take them.  Whatever. 

    So Mark, why did you take steroids?  Click here for the answer.

    HE DID IT FOR HEALTH PURPOSES????????  Oh come on!  Okay, maybe he really thought that it would help him recover faster from injuries, steroids do have that effect, but did he ever stop to think that he was building muscle faster than his body could handle and it was causing injuries?  And again, he blames someone else.  His teammates whispers made him feel the pressure.  Does this man have no free will?

    So Mark, did the steroids help you hit?  Click here for the answer.

    I'm so sick of these athletes using the line "steroids do not improve hand-eye coordination."  They may not make your eyes better but if you become stronger guess what?  You can swing faster!  What happens when you swing faster?  You hit the ball harder and further!  It's basic science.  Everyone knows that he already had the ability to hit a baseball and hit homeruns but you can't tell me that they didn't help improve that ability.  Also, if he was taking them to recover from injuries faster that means that he was getting back on the field faster and getting more at bats.  What happens during an at bat?  You hit the ball (unless you are Bill Hall....sorry, had to get a dig in there)!  So yes, it did help him hit.  Think about it.

    So Mark, why did you approach the Congressional hearings the way you did?  Click here for the answer.

    Not everyone would take the approach he did.  Sammy Sosa decided to forget how to speak English.

    So Mark, are you sorry for what you did?  Click here for the answer.

    I'm hoping that when the Cardinals come to Milwaukee for the first time this year, I see plenty of signs ripping on Steroid Mac.  Brewers fans did it for Barry, why not Mark?

  • Is nothing real anymore????

    Posted by Matt Z

    There are few things that frustrate me more than false advertising and I've found a perfect example to show you what I mean.  I give you, Booty Pop Panties:


    Are you kidding me?????!!!!!!  Ladies, I understand the point of this item but I think it's a terrible trick to play on a man.  It's false advertising in possibly the meanest way.  Not since the push-up bra have men been so deceived!  There is a certain expectation that's created with these products and when the real deal is revealed, it can only lead to shock, bewilderment and certainly heartache.  The advertised item does not live up to reality!  It's like the woman who wears too much make-up.  Sure you look great but when it comes time to wash it off, the face underneath is often times not the face that used to be on top.  Men beware, women are no longer what they appear to be.    


  • Conveyor Belt of Love

    Posted by Matt Z

    hanging meat

    How many different twists can television stations come up with to use for dating shows?  It seems like an endless amount and ABC has come up with the latest.  Click here to check it out!

    Men hauled out like slabs of meat.  Is anyone shocked that it's come to this?  We do it to women on just about every reality show created.  I guess it's our turn.


  • Ed Gein: The Musical

    Posted by Matt Z

    The movie is showing this Saturday at UW-Fox Valley starting at 3:15pm.  To here more about the movie, check out our interview from this morning with Dan Davies, star and co-creator of the film.  Click here.

  • New Kid In Town

    Posted by Matt Z

    Karate Kid black and white

    There's a new Karate Kid movie coming out in 2010 and I'm not sure how fans of the original are going to react.

    Growing up I loved watching the Karate Kid.  It had everything, comedy, action, villains, a love interest and a fly getting snatched by chopsticks.  It had it all!  It also provided great lines like "wax on, wax off" and "sweep the leg".  There's actually a song about Johnny sweeping Daniel's leg:


    I am curious about this new version.  I am a big Jackie Chan fan and it will be interesting to see how his role, Mr. Han, will compare to the original Mr. Miyagi character.  What I'm not all that excited about is Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son) getting cast as the Daniel Larusso character, although his name will be Dre Parker.  When I watch the trailer I just keep focusing on how tiny he is and how he looks like a 6 year old!  Maybe it's just me but even if a kid his size learned karate, would he really be able to hurt anyone with it?  Also, will the crane kick make a comeback or will there be a different move that Dre uses to take down his competition?  And if it's a special kick that he uses, will he be able to reach his opponents with it?  Seriously, he's tiny.  Maybe the twist will be that Mr. Han fights all of Dre's battles for him.  That I could believe.

  • Robot Romance

    Posted by Matt Z

    Man and his robot


    I know that people can get lonely and not everyone has the time to go out and meet new people, especially when it comes to the dating scene.  But would you, at your lonliest point, seek out companionship with a robot? 

    This inventor, Le Trung, has got to be crazy.  He actually says that she will react to certain types of touching.  I DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW HE FOUND THAT OUT!!!!!  Also, his mom and dad are cool with this?  What kind of parents let their son, hopefully their only son (the world would be a better place), go on with this ridiculous fembot fantasy?  

    I blame movies like the Stepford Wives and Austin Powers for showcasing fembots as a possible reality.  I will say this, if Aiko can shoot from her chest,


    Fembots with guns

    I might be able to get on board with this lifestyle.  How sweet would that be?!



  • Bauer meets Santa

    Posted by Matt Z

    jack bauer


    What would happen if Jack Bauer interrogated Santa? (some adult language, you've been warned)