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  • Which Fox is it?

    Posted by Matt Z

    NBC's Meredith Vieira got a little confused when she was talking about who might be the torch bearer at the Olympic ceremonies on Friday night:

    She meant to say Terry Fox and not Michael Fox.  The shot was live and mistakes happen but what's with NBC showing the photo of Michael?  Seriously?  They show Terry and then morph into a photo of Michael.  Watch it again and notice how fast they cut away from the photo of Michael and just go back to the campfire.  Also, were the marshmallows really necessary?

  • Religious or Ridiculous?

    Posted by Matt Z

    Lindsay Lohan is making more headlines and more controversy.  Check out her latest magazine cover:

    lindsay lohan purple magazine

    I'm guessing the photographer wasn't trying to make it look like Lohan just wants to hug everyone!  We all realize, even if you aren't religious, that the point is to make her look Christ-like.  Do you think anyone prays to her?  Maybe she is a religious figure to the drunk and drugged up but that's just a guess.

  • Looking for a special valentine?

    Posted by Matt Z

    valentines day

    Not everyone has a "special someone" to share Valentines Day with this Sunday but that doesn't mean you are out of luck.  There is still time to find a great person to spend V-Day with and I've done all of the hard work for you.  All you have to do is sit back and listen.  Happy Valentines Day!

    Click HERE to here about the website of your dreams!

  • The Back 9

    Posted by Matt Z

    tiger and elin


    Have you mastered the front 9 of Tigers Mistress Golf???  Well, it's time to move on to the back 9 and try your skills.  Happy hunting....I mean golfing.

    Click HERE to play

  • Idol

    Posted by Matt Z

    Finally the ridiculous portion of the auditioning process is over and we get to watch the judges weed out the talented from the not so much.  Speaking of judges, Ellen made her debut last night and I was pleased with her performance even though it was brief.  I think she should be good as long as it doesn't turn into a stand-up routine each night.  Simon also seemed to tolerate her which is a good first sign.

    So what did I think of the musical performances?  Two stuck out for me and here they are:

    Andrew Garcia was my favorite last night and I had no idea someone could make a Paula Abdul song worth listening to. 

    Crystal Bowersox not only has the best name of the contestants, Bowersox, she can really sing.  Dig it.

  • What's Dat?

    Posted by Matt Z

    x-ray of fleur-de-lis

    So, is that a fleur-de-lis or are you just happy to see me?

    Floellen Rickard is a big time Saints fan and she took her team pride to another level when she swallowed what she thought were her pills.  Turns out, it was one of her favorite earrings.

    Click HERE to listen to her explanation of what happened.

    I can understand that the earring could get put in the wrong spot on the nightstand and that you might accidentally pick it up with your vitamins.  But wouldn't you notice that the very distinct shape in your mouth is unlike any of the vitamins that you take?  Unless you take Saints logo inspired vitamins (great idea by the way) how do you not notice?

    As long as I'm talking about the Saints, did you see that the Saints championship shirts are INDIANAPOLIS!!!!!!!!  At least the city can make money off of Manning's most memorable interception.

    And one final Saints related item, check out the Who Dat Dog:




  • Brilliant Betty

    Posted by Matt Z

    If you aren't a fan of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl each year, you probably still turn it on to see the commercials.  Well if you are like me you were extremely unimpressed with this years crop (or crap).  The only ad that I really enjoyed was this one:

    When it costs 3 million bucks to buy an ad spot during the Super Bowl, you better bring more than a bunch of horses and a bull, a dog with a bark collar, an old QB playing up the same flip-flopping schtick that's been used in other commercials for a different company or an old basketball player trying to rap about tacos.

    What made the commercial breaks tolerable was knowing that in just a couple of moments the game would be back on and Peyton Manning would be doing his best Brett Favre impersonation.  I hate Peyton Manning but I admit he's the best QB going right now with the exception of last night.   

    And don't get me started on the halftime show.  Ouch.


    Posted by Matt Z

    Here's some advice for a woman in Oregon who is suing over hot coffee, make sure you get a lawyer who is willing to take on your case:

    Now make sure that you do everything that your lawyer tells you to do and don't listen to the Maestro!  He may want you to use a balm for your burns, but don't do it:

    And finally, stop suing because you didn't realize coffee is supposed to be hot and is normally served that way especially when it comes in a cup that says:

    mcdonalds coffee cup

  • Keep On Growing

    Posted by Matt Z

    viking fan with long beard

    I want you to look at the man pictured above, his name is Emmett Pearson and he vowed in 1974 that he wouldn't shave his beard until the Vikings win a Super Bowl.

    I completely understand his dedication to the cause.  I get that because I am a bit of an extreme fan myself, just not of the Vikings.  I do think he is partly to blame for the Vikings not having won a Super Bowl since he made his vow.  Look at his beard, does it look like it's been growing since 1974?  I don't think so!  He's trimmed it over and over again and the football god's know it!  If you are going to promise something to the gods, you better be ready to stick to your word.

    I also think his wife is probably in the process of writing a nasty worded letter to Brett Favre because she saw a light at the end of the beard tunnel and Favre's terrible interception blew that light out!  She should also write letters to Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin.  Did they have Crisco on their gloves?  

    Keep on growing that beard Emmett but this time take it seriously.  No trimming allowed.  



  • Tiger Tee Time

    Posted by Matt Z

    tiger and elin

    If you've been looking for a fun way to kill some time at work, um, I mean at home, then do I have the website for you!  Check out Tiger Woods Mistress Golf!

    I love it!!!!!!!!